Season 5 | The Other Side
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Season 5

Episode 1 – The Unnameable
The team encounters a malevolent spirit who was called upon by an elder in the past. Does it mean harm, or is it just protecting a sacred space?

Episode 2 – Specter of a Soldier
The team investigates a fortress with a turbulent and violent history; interpretive staff are shocked by their encounter with a spectre, and a spirit demands answers.

Episode 3 – Hug Jo
A former miner relives the trauma of a mining disaster as the team helps him communicate with one of the victims; he’s given a heartfelt message to pass on.

Episode 4 – Etched in Time
Jeff and Michaella brave the eerie cellar of a Nova Scotia music school haunted by a spirit that refuses to leave. Jeff’s intuition causes him to search the school for initials with, an emotional significance, carved somewhere in the building.

Episode 5 – Healing Waters
Jeff, Michaella and Tom reach out to the orphaned child of a woman hanged for murder at the St. John’s Supreme Court building.

Episode 6 – Annabelle
Jeff, Tom and Michaella connect with the spirit of a troubled young woman and learn about her tragic death at the Halifax Club.

Episode 7 – Lighthouse Willy
A lighthouse keeper’s great granddaughter believes his spirit haunts the lighthouse; the team seeks to contact this spirit who is still a slave to his duties.

Episode 8 – Love U Brat
The team communicates with departed friends of Kings Playhouse in P.E.I.; a spirit with a very personal connection contacts Michaella.

Episode 9 – Doubting Thomas
The holding cells at a New Brunswick courthouse have a history of misery and violence; the team tries to discover the source of the evil sensed by the building’s staff.

Episode 10 – Hide-and-Seek
A funeral home that housed bodies from the Halifax explosion is now a fashionable restaurant – the team makes an unusual connection with the spirit of a small child there, and Tom leaves her a special gift.

Episode 11 – Sergeant of the Well
The team reaches out to soldiers from the past at the historic Halifax Citadel; they investigate a concealed, deep well where one of them may have met his demise.

Episode 12 – The Lady of the House
Emotions run high as a spirit aggravated by changes to her historical house feels threatened by the team; a staff member discovers she has a special gift.

Episode 13 – Secret Communication
At a Masonic Temple, living members of the brotherhood are reconnected with those long gone; a vital password, dating back hundreds of years, is almost revealed.