Season 6 | The Other Side
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Season 6

Episode 1 - Lullaby
Unrest at a Mi’kmaq burial site puts the team on high alert – but the playful spirit they find needs their help.
Episode 2 - Bert
A community kitchen serves up a mystery and a cook enlists the team’s help to find his old friend on the other side.
Episode 3 - Mother Dearest
A tangled web of kidnapping, murder and execution haunts an old jail; a heartbreaking personal connection is made.
Episode 4 - Seeking Refuge
The team encounters a spirit from the 1600s with fierce maternal instincts, a broken heart, and a problem to solve.
Episode 5 - The Bishop's Wife
A female ghost haunts a majestic gothic cathedral – the team makes a connection and is shocked by her true identity.
Episode 6 - Lost at Sea
A seaside town is beset with angry spirits; with the help of a local the team connects with a fisherman lost at sea.
Episode 7 - 'My Buds'
A punk rocker gives his friends in the arts scene a shout-out from the other side, a more sinister message casts a pall.
Episode 8 - The Fall
Jeff senses the presence of a lost child in an old theatre; however, an attempted personal connection sets Erin on edge.
Episode 9 - The Dinner Party
A mansion relives its past glory with a special dinner party. An imposing spirit signals the end of the gathering.
Episode 10 - One True Norseman
The team explores a Viking settlement in Newfoundland; laughter, tears and music are shared around a fire.
Episode 11- If you go into the woods
On an abandoned island, spirits taunt the team with cryptic messages; a young man has an experience with the other side.
Episode 12 - Return of Lucky
In a lighthouse, a nasty spirit plays mind games with the team and threatens one of them; they ask an elder for help.
Episode 13 - Lucky
The team explores their battle with the malevolent spirit that’s dogged them for six years; Tom reveals his struggles.