Season 7 | The Other Side
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Season 7

Episode 1 – Unwanted Visitor
The team heads to its broadcasting home base at APTN to explore rumors of spiritual activity within the building. What they didn’t expect was a visit from something more sinister than anticipated, putting the team at risk.
Episode 2 – Under the Stairs
A paranormal group in Manitoba reaches out to "The Other Side" team to investigate a sanatorium that oozes spiritual energy. Jeff finds himself at risk when he encounters a restless energy.
Episode 3 – Life After Death
A 100-year-old courthouse is home to a few spirits stuck between worlds, but one tortured spirit may have followed the team from a previous investigation.
Episode 4 – The Girl in Saskatoon
The team investigates a cold case that draws painful and personal parallels between a nurse’s murder in 1962 and the unsolved cases of the missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.
Episode 5 – Leave Bobby Alone
A troubling encounter with a spirit turns a pub owner into a believer of the other side. During a spiritual encounter, the team connects with the lost soul to bring their troubles to light.
Episode 6 – Down with the Ship
The team heads to the Canadian prairies to learn the history behind several haunted ships at a marine museum. What they uncover is shocking and reveals a dark past of life on the water.
Episode 7 – Why is the Door Locked
In this episode, the team visits an old family house with several antique heirlooms. A powerful reading reveals strong emotions of anger, shame and sorrow.
Episode 8 – Spirit Vessel
In this episode, the team visits a historic village that is filled with artifacts from a past long forgotten. The grave of a Dutchman still haunts the village grounds at night.
Episode 9 – The Life of the Party
In this episode, a powerful reading connects two grieving mothers, one no longer in the land of living, over the loss of their son.
Episode 10– We're all Dead
Jeff receives an eerie message while investigating an old Sears building. Erin attracts a familiar angry soul during a spirit session, forcing the team to rethink things.
Episode 11– They're Watching Us
“The Other Side” team can sense they’re being watched by several spirits in an old house, but are they friendly or are they foe?
Episode 12– Man in the Basement
Using old investigative techniques the team explores a haunted house, only to encounter a deceitful and angry spirit they may have met before.
Episode 13– It's Coming Out of the Wall
Exploring one of Canada’s most historic sites leads to an unsettling discovery of a grisly past. The team has a spiritual encounter with a family that is stuck between worlds.