Season 2 | The Other Side


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Season 2

Episode 1 SICA
After several frightening encounters with specters the owner of the Crazy Horse convenience store on the Dakota Tipi First Nations call in the TOS team to investigate.

Episode 2 — HAND
The TOS team uncovers an alarming secret when they investigate an old farmhouse in Virden whose spirits have been troubling a young family.

Episode 3 The Dark Man
The TOS team attempt to bring peace to a young woman plagued by a dark figure in the city of Winnipeg.

Episode 4 Love More
An inmate cemetery, lost and forgotten in the middle of a farmer’s field in Headlingley, becomes the setting for Bill’s and Jeff’s most troubling investigation as a spirit’s confession challenges their very senses.

Episode 5 Look In the Window
The TOS team attempts to bring peace to a popular bar in The Pas, whose employees have been troubled by restless spirits.

Episode 6 Tales From A Black Cat
The team investigates the house of a young woman in Niverville to find the source of a disturbing dark figure.

Episode 7 Magical Spheres
After Tom’s daughter encounters an ORB at her home in Meadow Lake, her troubling experience launches the team on an investigation into the existence and meaning of these spellbinding phenomena.

Episode 8 A Loaf of Bread
The TOS team investigates an old civic building in the city of Prince Albert and encounters a spirit who fell victim to a dark racist past.

Episode 9 The Gift
In perhaps the team’s most unusual investigation, Jeff uncovers an unexpected revelation in the Waskesiu Lake area when he attempts to help a young woman plagued by ‘the charcoal man’.

Episode 10 Give Us A Name
An old dance hall in Maymont with a history of hauntings provides the TOS team with a frustrating night of elusive spirits.

Episode 11 Nicholai
An investigation of an old abandoned bridge in Borden leads the TOS team to a turn of the century hotel, and a chilling discovery in a long forgotten graveyard.

Episode 12 Row and Row and Rows of Doors
The TOS team investigates spirits haunting the hallways of the prestigious Park Town Hotel in Saskatoon, and an unexpected voice from beyond the grave leaves Tom visibly shaken.

Episode 13 You’re The Devil Right?
The TOS team is left on edge after the investigation of a friendly spirit at a hair salon in Regina turns into an encounter with a dark force from previous episodes.