Tribal Police Files | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Road Work
Introducing the Ontario First Nations community of Rama, and one of the most unique Tribal Police Services in Canada.

Episode 2 — Dial No More
A violent domestic dispute is defused, a gun is drawn for the first time, and a suspect is taken in for harassing his bank manager.

Episode 3 — On the Loose
A typical week in Rama involves an escaped llama, a badmouthing drug dealer and an old man locked out of his own house

Episode 4 — The Pursuit
Tribal Police are kept busy assisting a 911 call and pursuing dangerous suspects through the woods, along the highway – and from the skies.

Episode 5 — Casino
Community life may have been simpler before it arrived, but Casino Rama has brought economic stability and growth – as well as some new challenges.

Episode 6 — Wear a Vest
A Rama police officer responding to a call never knows what’s going to happen.

Episode 7 — Day in the Life
In a First Nations community like Rama, officers learn to take the good with the bad and make sure they maintain a positive connection with children and young people.

Episode 8 — The Chase
A slippery suspect is contained within a police perimeter, but it takes most of the day to flush him out.

Episode 9 — Dangerous Water
A tragic accident, a lake patrol, a drumming group of Intertribal Peacekeepers and a determined Real Estate investor – life is never dull for Rama’s Tribal Police.

Episode 10 — A Hunch
People in distress demand an officer’s immediate assistance, and life-threatening danger is always a possibility for the Tribal Police.

Episode 11 — Don’t Play with Dynamite
A bomb call results in tragedy, and a Rama police officer urges greater contact between the police and their community.

Episode 12 — Requals
The backbone of the Rama Tribal Police Service is its diverse group of officers and their ongoing commitment to their work and their community.

Episode 13 — Identity
A lively First Nations Day parade and powwow means the officers of the Tribal Police get to interact and celebrate with their community.