underEXPOSED | Season 4


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Season 4

Episode 1 — Bank-to-Wall
Gracey shoots the final race in the BMX Canada Cup Series and focuses her photos on Daina Tuchsherer – ranked first in Juniors and a hopeful for the next summer Olympics in the Women’s category. Gracey knows that each race is only 30-40 seconds long her opportunity to get a good shot is definitely limited.

Episode 2 — Let It Slide
Gracey is commissioned by Landyachtz to shoot photos of their team in the Landyachtz World Cup Race. Riders will reach speeds up to 70 km/h and face a gnarly 1/6 km road that features a 1000 foot vertical drop and seven 180° hairpin turns with 12 corners.

Episode 3 — Down N Dirty
Gracey is commissioned to shoot photos of the Mudderella event in Whistler, BC. This event is a 5 to 7 mile obstacle course challenge, designed by women for women. They expect to have five to ten thousand participants so Gracey’s opportunity to get a good shot is endless.

Episode 4 — Treks & Balances
Gracey is commissioned by world-renowned, bike trails rider, Ryan Leech to help promote his new “How To” instructional videos in her own backyard – Vancouver, BC. Ryan is looking for good still photographs and this is where Gracey comes in.

Episode 5 — Take Down
A California-based clothing company called Be Non Human commissions Gracey to take photos of one of its sponsored elite female athletes, Shana Pasapa. Shana is an inspiring Aboriginal athlete and Gracey recognizes this as a great opportunity to build another connection to a branded company.

Episode 6 — Bareback & Buckles
Gracey is commissioned by Canadian Cowboy Magazine to shoot the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Gracey will cover First Nations, Bareback rider, Ty Taypotat who is going into this rodeo ranked 5th in the Bareback event.

Episode 7 — Hot Shots
Hockey Now commissions Gracey to shoot one of the top goal scorers in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL), Jessica Campbell. Jessica plays for the Calgary Inferno, which is 1 of 5 teams in the CWHL – the premier, professional women’s hockey league in the world.

Episode 8 — Phat Bikes
Gracey is commissioned by Pedal Magazine to shoot the 45 NRTH Triple Crown fat bike event. Fat bike riders will face 13.7 km of snow-covered single track and double track that shoulders the North Saskatchewan River.

Episode 9 — In the Box
Gracey is commissioned by Sweat RX to cover the Western Classic CrossFit event. Gracey will focus on CrossFit Games athlete, Alex Parker. Over 100 competitors and double the amount of spectators are expected. It will be tight and Gracey will need to navigate her way around the box to get her shots.

Episode 10 — On Your Mark, Get Sled Go!
Alaska-based magazine, Mushing Magazine commissions Gracey to cover a world-class dog-sled event called Mushers Rendezvous. Gracey covers a musher named Carl Knudsen who comes from a family of mushers. Keeping up and getting in front of the sleds will be Gracey’s biggest challenge.

Episode 11 — Ramp It Up
Gracey is commissioned by her friend, Justin Jacob to help promote his new online clothing business called Section 35. Gracey and Jacob collaborate and decide to shoot skateboarders doing their thing wearing Section 35 garb. Gracey calls upon her friends to help out.

Episode 12 — Boardercross
Gracey is commissioned by BC Snowboard to cover Ryan Johnston at the “Like Me Snowboard Series” snowboard cross event. Ryan is both a high performance athlete and coach for the First Nations Snowboard Team. He finished 3rd last year so hopefully he makes it to the podium again.

Episode 13 — Raven’s Call!
Gracey takes photos for a young, Aboriginal pro-skier and artist, Richie Small, for him to use on his website. Gracey asks Ojibway photographer, Nadya Kwandibens to help out with her portraits. This should be the best shoot of Gracey’s career and she is stoked!