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Episode Guide

Episode 1 — Choctaw Stickball
Warrior Games heads to Mississippi to discover the ancient sport of Stickball. Local Native American communities have been settling disputes with this war-like game for centuries. Host Steve Sxwithul’txw gets tips on scoring goals and avoiding injuries and finds out how Stickball is used to train young people to become warriors on the field and in life.

Episode 2 — War Canoe Races
Host Steve Sxwithul’txw returns to his home territory to discover the sport of his ancestors. The Coast Salish war canoe races take place on Vancouver Island every summer. Young girls from the Stz’uminu Nation try to teach Steve everything they know about paddling but he has a tough time paddling with the team, and also simply staying in the canoe.

Episode 3 — Lacrosse
Steve Sxwithul’txw discovers the rich history of lacrosse in North Vancouver. He gets his own jersey and protective gear and is put through the paces by a little tykes lacrosse team before taking on bigger competition at a local arena.

Episode 4 — Metis Games
The Metis Voyageur Games in Ontario recreates the difficult travels of the early voyageurs. Steve shows his strength in log lifting and sack carrying events, and his hunting ability is put to the test with hatchet throwing.

Episode 5 — Seabird Island (Earthball)
Host Steve Sxwithul’txw takes on some unusual challenges when he visits Seabird Island in British Columbia. The games that are integrated into the school programs are ones that have been played for hundreds of years. Knobbies (a kind of bolo game) traditionally could only be played by women. But this time, an exception is made for Steve.

Episode 6 — Hoop Dancing
Host Steve Sxwithul’txw tries his hand (and the rest of his body) at Hoop Dancing – a sport (and an incredibly difficult one) that requires dexterity, balance, rhythm, endurance, and multitasking! Champion Gary Abbott and his son show Steve, hoop by hoop, how to build a complex dance routine that not only requires precision but has to tell a story as well.

Episode 7 — Long Ball
Steve takes on the game of Longball, a game that many thought would never be played again. The rules and the only surviving bat were rediscovered in the archives of the Woodland Cultural Centre and is now enjoying a new life thanks to the kids of Six Nations. As usual, Steve learns some new skills and celebrates the rebirth of an ancient game.

Episode 8 — Snowboarding
Host Steve Sxwithul’txw takes on one of his biggest challenges when he visits Whistler, BC and tries his hand at Snowboarding. He starts on the bunny hill and moves his way up. The First Nations Snowboard Team put him through his paces and prepare him for his first competition.

Episode 9 — Snowsnake
Steve learns the art of making Snowsnakes (and why women cannot be present while they are). These sleek projectile are works of art in themselves and are finely tuned to gain maximum advantage in competition. After intense practice he heads north to Whitehorse to pit himself against the best in the game.

Episode 10 — Arctic Games
Games like the Two Foot High Kick, The Alaskan High Kick, the Kneel Jump, the Airplane, the Knuckle Hop and Sledge Hop are incredibly hard to perform well and they are vital to the health and vitality of the youth who traditionally live above the tree line. Nights are twenty four hours long in winter and travel limited and these games have been developed to maintain strength and agility until it was time to move out onto the land again.

Episode 11 — Arctic Games & Dene Games
Host Steve Sxwithul’txw learns how to play the games and finds that they may seem easy, but it takes years to become expert at them. As usual, Steve gives his all and is mostly outperformed by the youth of the community who take great delight in teaching him the finer points of the games during this lively fun-filled northern gathering.

Episode 12 — Archery
Hundreds of years ago, a bow and arrow was often the first toy put into a child’s hands because it was a tool that was designed for survival. Host Steve Sxwithul’txw learns how to use both traditional and high tech bows to test his patience and his accuracy.

Episode 13 — Steve’s Journey
A look back at Season One with a tally of injuries as well as all of the friends made along the way. Countless youth have challenged Steve to the edge of his limits, but somehow he has managed to survive – relatively unscathed.