Gwen Lingelbach

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Manager of Digital Library / Management

Raised on a farm just north of the scenic Qu’Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan, Gwen Lingelbach is currently based in Winnipeg, Man. She has a professional background in digital library management and a certificate in library and information technology from Red River College.

Gwen was first introduced to the broadcasting industry in 1994, when she became the video library manager for the Women’s Television Network (WTN). There, she had the opportunity to create the network’s library systems from the ground up.

Gwen joined APTN as a scheduling coordinator in 2007, a position she held and helped evolve for 12 years. In 2019, she became APTN’s manager of digital library. Gwen’s greatest challenge and reward while working in this role has been helping to develop APTN’s Media Asset Management system (MAM). She feels honoured to be a part of an organization that continues to highlight the stories and lives of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island.