What does APTN’s logo represent?
How do I get a tour of APTN?
How do I connect with media contacts at APTN?
Who do I contact to report issues about your website?
What is your copyright policy?
When can I watch my favourite show again?
How often is the APTN TV schedule updated on your website?
Does APTN air shows with described video (DV)?
Where can I re-watch full episodes?
When does APTN linear programming become available on APTN lumi?
Is it possible to watch episodes outside of Canada?
Where do I find APTN on Shaw, Bell, Express VU or other broadcasters?
What is the difference between the four APTN feeds?
What government organizations support APTN?
Are there similar networks to APTN in other parts of the world?
What is APTN National News?
What makes APTN different from other Canadian news broadcasters?
I have a press release or news tip. Where should I send it?
How do I contact APTN National News and its shows (APTN InFocus, APTN Investigates, APTN Nation to Nation, APTN Face to Face and Nouvelles Nationales d’APTN)?
From which cities has APTN Indigenous Day Live (IDL) been broadcast in the past?
How do you get feedback from your audience?
What are some of your most popular shows or genres?
Does APTN produce any programs in-house?
How has APTN benefitted the Indigenous production community?
Does APTN choose its programming with an Indigenous audience in mind, or is it important to appeal to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences?
Why is APTN a good channel to watch for Canadian content?
If over 80% of APTN programming originates in Canada, where does the rest come from?
Why is it important for APTN to broadcast shows from around the world?
What role does APTN play in the preservation of Indigenous languages?
What kind of APTN programming is broadcast in an Indigenous language?
What is the percentage breakdown of your language programming?