In February 2023, Sav Jonsa completed a paid internship with APTN’s news team. Since then, Jonsa has been employed by the network as a reporter trainee.

“As someone who has been interested in the television industry since childhood, my internship with APTN News made all my dreams come true,” says Jonsa. “I gained valuable experience reporting, conducting interviews and working on my storytelling skills, while also getting comfortable presenting on-camera. Moving into my position as a reporter trainee proved that the time and training provided to me by APTN was both practical and respected by the management team. I am proud to continue my career with this important organization.”

In the summer of 2018, Owen Pantos completed a paid internship with APTN as a human resource assistant. After his internship, Pantos was hired by the network as a marketing coordinator, and he has since been promoted to manager of deliverables.

“APTN gave me the opportunity to work in the broadcast industry before starting my career. Throughout my internship I was given valuable opportunities to apply my marketing education in an industry setting,” says Pantos. “After graduating, I knew that APTN was where I wanted to be and I was fortunate enough to secure my current position.”