What We Do

APTN’s original programming team works with the independent production community to develop and commission the stories that show audiences who we are, who we have been and who we might become. APTN is proud to contribute 90% of our annual programming budget to commissioning original content.

What We’re Looking For

We love stories as much as you do, so bottom line – we want to get blown away by your distinct Indigenous vision. APTN is looking for bold and unique shows to develop and push into production.

We’re looking for universal stories that will attract, entertain and inform our audience. Travel off the beaten path and seek out the stories that inspire and move you.

We aim to share stories that embrace the beauty and complexity of diverse Indigenous lives.

Show us what you’ve got!


APTN is not accepting development proposals during Fall 2023. Development proposals will be accepted Winter 2024 when the new CMF IP Development RFP is released. This batch of proposals will be evaluated in April, prior to the CMF IP Development opening date in May. An RFP for the CMF PE Development proposals will be released Spring 2024. Any development proposals submitted before the RFPs are released will not be considered at this time.

Development Pitch Process

First Window Licensing

APTN often licenses programs that it has previously developed. If your project has been developed by APTN, it may be considered for licensing once materials have been delivered. There is no need to wait for an RFP.

Outside of this process, APTN accepts First Window Licence Proposals during our annual RFP process. Each RFP has a separate call for applications, requirements and deadline(s).

Submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted or considered and incomplete submissions will be automatically declined by APTN.

First Window Licensing Pitch Process (RFP Listing)

Second Window Licensing

APTN accepts second window proposals throughout the year until funds are exhausted.

Second Window Licensing Pitch Process

Who Can Submit a Pitch*

APTN can issue a commitment to either an individual producer or a production company. In order for proposals to be eligible for consideration, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • A) If submitted by an individual**, they must be an Indigenous person, which is defined to include First Nations, Inuit or Métis individual who resides in Canada; (OR)
  • B) If submitted by a company, it must be an Indigenous production company, which is defined as an incorporated Canadian production company that is owned no less than 51% by one or more Indigenous Persons.

*Applies to Development and First Window Licences only.
**A producer applying as an individual should be aware that they may be required, by APTN or other funders such as CMF, to incorporate once full financing is obtained.