May 14, 2024

TREATY 1 TERRITORY, WINNIPEG, Man.— The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved APTN’s request to amend its conditions of service. Click here to see the details of the decision.

This decision marks a significant milestone in APTN’s mission to enhance services and content for viewers by consolidating its four distinct feeds into two channels available to the vast majority of cable and Direct-to-home (DTH) satellite broadcasting subscribers within Canada:

  • APTN: This channel will operate on a unified broadcast schedule featuring programming in both English and French.
  • APTN Languages: This channel will focus on Indigenous-language programming.

“We are excited to create the new APTN Languages channel that will expand APTN’s reach, and enhance our services,” said Monika Ille, APTN CEO. “This is a key moment in the history of Indigenous Peoples, and APTN has a fundamental role to play in protecting and revitalizing our languages. The CRTC’s decision is an important one and reflects recent amendments made to the Broadcasting Act to place Indigenous languages on a more equal footing with English and French in Canadian broadcasting.”

Further updates to follow shortly.

Stay tuned!



About APTN

APTN launched in 1999 as the first national Indigenous broadcaster in the world. Since then, the network has become a global leader in programming that celebrates the rich diversity of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island and beyond. A respected non-profit and charitable broadcaster, APTN shares authentic stories in English, French and a variety of Indigenous languages with over 9 million Canadian households. APTN proudly features over 80% Canadian content and inspires audiences via multiple platforms, including its Indigenous-focused streaming service, APTN lumi. 


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