February 27, 2024

TREATY 1 TERRITORY, WINNIPEG, Man. — The APTN National News team is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest podcast series, The Place That Thaws. This six-part series delves into the untold stories of resilience and adaptation in Canada’s northernmost communities, Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord, amidst the stark impacts of the climate crisis.

APTN National News ventured into these remote communities to speak directly with residents about the visible changes they are witnessing due to climate change. From delayed flights to the unpredictability of hunting trips on melting ice, to the encroachment of polar bears onto land, The Place That Thaws captures the experiences and voices of those on the frontlines of environmental upheaval.

“This isn’t just a podcast about climate change; it’s a love letter to the North,” said Danielle Paradis, podcast host and western correspondent for APTN National News. “It sheds light on the resilient communities of people who were relocated to the North in the name of Canadian sovereignty, and who now face the brunt of environmental challenges.”

Each episode of The Place That Thaws is an immersive experience, bringing listeners on a journey through frozen landscapes and the resilient spirits of the High Arctic.

Episode 1: “Tracing One Warm Line” 
Danielle visits an Inuit couple in Resolute Bay to explore the impacts of climate change and increased yacht traffic on the Northwest Passage. 

Episode 2: “The Dog Sledder”
Danielle meets Devon Manik, a young Inuk who is resurrecting the ancient art of dogsledding in Resolute Bay. 

Episode 3: “Arctic Post Office”
With insights from locals and scientists, Danielle dives into the the impacts of climate change on Arctic travel. 

Episode 4: “Top of the World”
Danielle visits Grise Fiord, where memories of relocation intersect with the realities of climate change. 

Episode 5: “Arctic Fever”
Danielle speaks to Martin Sommerkorn, one of the lead writers on the “Polar Regions” chapter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. 

Episode 6: “Back to Iqaluit”
Danielle returns to Iqaluit and speaks to Paul Okalik, the first premier of Nunavut, about the changes he’s noticed during his time in the Arctic. 

The first episode of The Place That Thaws launched on February 26, and subsequent episodes will be available on Mondays wherever you get your podcasts. For more information and exclusive content, visit aptnnews.ca/ourstories/theplacethatthaws.

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