Applicant Information


  • I am a Canadian citizen;
  • I am not an employee of APTN;
  • I do not hold licence or production agreements with APTN or Dadan Sivunivut’s subsidiaries;
  • I am willing to commit to attend four all-day face-to-face board meetings per year (if COVID-19 restrictions limit travel, these meetings will be held virtually), as well as a minimum of four committee teleconference meetings per year averaging one to two hours per meeting;
  • I am willing to travel;
  • I have a computer and a personal email address that is not a work email address or a joint email address (please note: computer must have capacity for MS Office software to receive and open APTN documentation);
  • I possess strong writing, reading and speaking skills in the English language;
  • I am not bankrupt nor under bankruptcy protection.