What We’re Looking For

We love stories as much as you do, so bottom line – we want to get blown away by your distinct Indigenous vision. Right now, APTN is looking for bold and unique shows to develop and push into production.

Right now, APTN is looking for Children & Youth, Food, Nature, Spiritual/Supernatural and your original ideas.

We aim to share stories that highlight all aspects of Indigenous life — the beauty, the complexity and everything in between.

Show us what you’ve got!

Development Submissions

Development submissions will currently only be accepted through the RFP process

Letters of Support

APTN will consider writing letters of interest for funds and programs that require a broadcaster letter in order to be eligible for the development of a project (e.g., Bell Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, ISO, etc.). APTN is not obligated to provide letters of support, but we will do so when projects align with our programming needs.

Letters for CMF applications for Pre-development (English and French language projects; Indigenous language projects) may be provided. If you would like a letter to support your pre-development project, reach out at least 30 days prior to the CMF deadline.

Questions and Requests

Danelle Granger
Development and Scripted Production Executive
339 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2C3
[email protected]

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Please check the RFP page for all Request for Proposals

Phase 1 development (to create the polished bible, pitch deck, episode outlines and pilot script) will be done through an RFP annually. APTN may choose to support other scripted projects in development if they are presented by another broadcaster as a potential partnership opportunity. Applications must include the following creative materials:

  • Overview of the show’s concept, themes, tone, style, and audience. Pitches that include images to convey the visual approach and overall feel of the show are encouraged.
  • Character descriptions
  • Outline of pilot and ideas for first season.

Phase 2 development (bible, full package of scripts and casting) will be done ONLY for projects previously developed by APTN, or in partnership with another broadcaster.

Scripted Development

APTN has found that there is a greater likelihood of developed scripted series going to production if we develop in partnership with another broadcaster. Therefore, for the forseeable future, we will only consider the development of projects that already have the interest of another broadcaster.

If we receive applications for scripted development via our other RFP processes, they will not be considered.

How to Submit

All development submissions for Documentary Series, Kids’ Series or Indigenous Language Series Development must be accompanied by the following:

Who Can Submit a Pitch*

APTN can issue a commitment to either an individual producer or a production company. In order for proposals to be eligible for consideration, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • A) If submitted by an individual**, they must be an Indigenous person, which is defined to include First Nations, Inuit or Métis individual who resides in Canada; (OR)
  • B) If submitted by a company, it must be an Indigenous production company, which is defined as an incorporated Canadian production company that is owned no less than 51% by one or more Indigenous Persons.

*Applies to all development and First Window licenses only
**A producer applying as an individual should be aware that they may be required, by APTN or other funders such as CMF, to incorporate once full financing is obtained.

What to Expect

Producers can expect a response within eight weeks of our internal development review, which will happen April 2024 for the CMF IP Development RFP and in July 2024 for the CMF PE development RFP.