October 31, 2022

APTN announces spook-tacular lineup of spine-chilling shows this Halloween season

By Alexandra De Pape, APTN Communications Coordinator 

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and things that go bump in the night are on the prowl! To celebrate this chilly, spooky time of year, APTN is offering viewers a special (and haunting) lineup of shows that they can catch every Wednesday night through to the middle of December. This supernatural lineup is airing exclusively on aptn e, aptn w and aptn hd, so tune in for weekly thrills and chills! 

“Out of This World Wednesdays” will feature Red Earth Uncovered, The Other Side, Spirit Talker and Ghost Hunters of the Grand River. Read on to learn about these spooky series and how they each explore the paranormal realm.

Check out these HAIR-RAISING series every Wednesday night on APTN:  

The Other Side – New, Season 8
This spooky series follows a team of three paranormal investigators as they work together to bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world. Rooted in respect and Indigenous traditions, the trio helps spirits and their loved ones find peace. 

Spirit Talker – New, Season 3
In this intimate and bone-chilling series, Mi’kmaq medium Shawn Leonard travels from coast to coast using his psychic abilities to connect the living with the dead in order to bring hope, healing and closure to Indigenous communities. 

Ghost Hunters of the Grand River – New, Season 1
This brand-new series follows S.N.I.P.E., a group of ghost hunters from Six Nations of the Grand River, as they investigate paranormal occurrences in unique locations. Together, the team attempts to gather evidence of the spirit world and the afterlife. 

Red Earth Uncovered – Season 3
Fact or fiction? Go on a thrilling adventure to places where answers remain elusive. Red Earth Uncovered delves into the possibilities and truths surrounding well-known historic events, legendary stories and Indigenous connections to these ancient myths.

But the scares don’t stop there! To keep this fright-fest going, APTN lumi has a new collection available for all subscribers called “Supernatural, Spiritual and the Unexplained.” This unique collection features more than 15 APTN series that are sure to make viewers turn on the lights and hide under the covers! The collection includes earlier seasons of The Other Side and Spirit Talker, so audiences can get caught up before diving into the latest seasons on “Out of This World Wednesdays.”  

Catch all of these series and more—if you dare—on APTN and APTN lumi this fall! Please visit APTN’s Media Centre for further details on our featured programming and www.aptntv.ca/schedule for specific showtimes.