May 1, 2020

In recent years, the explosion of high-quality content on digital platforms and the erosion of linear TV viewing time have contributed to major shifts in the media and broadcasting industry. APTN met these challenges head-on with the development and launch of APTN lumi.

Launched in the fall of 2019, this streaming platform gives viewers unprecedented access to programming made by, for and about Indigenous Peoples. Our extensive and expanding catalogue features programs in English, French and, unlike most streaming services, a variety of Indigenous languages.

New content is added every month, and the majority of APTN’s original programming is available on APTN lumi 24 hours after its linear TV premiere. This includes the latest episodes of TRIBAL, Queen of the Oil Patch, and That’s AWSM! as well as special event programming. You can also binge entire seasons of familiar favourites like Mohawk Girls and Cashing In or watch APTN Kids content with the whole family.

Not only is APTN lumi a convenient streaming service for viewers, it also gives Indigenous storytellers an opportunity to reclaim and share their stories in innovative ways. With our Over the Top (OTT) platform, the limits of commercial breaks and minimum or maximum segment lengths are removed. This gives Indigenous content creators the freedom to find the perfect format for their story, letting their creativity shine.

Viewers can sign up for a five-day free trial of the premium membership, then will be able to watch a limited selection of shows after the trial ends. For only $4.99/month, viewers get complete access to the entire APTN lumi catalogue. This fee helps support APTN’s mission to share our Peoples’ journey, celebrate our cultures, inspire our children and honour the wisdom of our Elders.

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