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Press releases 

Here you can view our most recent media releases and statements, as well as media invites to APTN events that are offering in-person interviews and/or media scrums. 

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The “Features” section of our Media Centre is where we give ourselves permission to brag about our accomplishments a little, write creative editorials and share some information about APTN’s upcoming events or programming launches.  

From time to time, we also share articles about APTN that have been published by other media outlets. This is an opportunity for us to collaborate with different organizations and share new perspectives on our programming that we don’t want you to miss. 

Show pages 

This is where you’ll find all the media assets you need to write a story about a featured APTN program. 

Searching for photos from our shows to include in your next big piece? We’ve got you covered with high-quality, downloadable stills. 

Trying to determine if your auntie plays a role in one of our featured shows? We’ve got cast lists and producer information for you. 

Looking to find out if a show is family-friendly or more suitable for a date night? Our show pages include TV show ratings and disclaimers (where applicable).   

Want to take a show for a test drive before sitting down to write about it? This is where you’ll find password-protected screeners, trailers and other promotional video content. 

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