Hard Rock Medical | Cast


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Nancy Siebolski
Played by Angela Asher

Nancy is no stranger to the medical field. As an emergency room nurse for 20 years, with two kids, and a pending divorce, she is more determined than the average person. Nancy decided to make the switch from an ER nurse to a doctor so she could finally do what she is capable of, and be the one in charge.

Cameron Cahill
Played by Jamie Spilchuk

Cameron’s father has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into Borealis College of Medicine, making others believe he is getting an easy ride. In reality though, against his father’s wishes, Cameron decided to give up business school, and pursue a degree from Ontario College of Art. He’s a talented, misunderstood student that constantly sketches odd, but interesting things.

Eva Malone
Played by Andrea Menard

Eva grew up on the Wide River First Nation, so she knows what it will take to be a doctor in this area. Despite her dream of making it big in the music business with an ex-boyfriend Kyle Sampson, Eva decided to return to the North and pursue a second dream of becoming a doctor.

Charlie Riviere
Played by Stef Paquette

Charlie often seems to have a string of bad luck. The simple tasks, like buying milk in a store, seem to often land Charlie in the middle of a situation gone bad. Charlie has trouble juggling his time between family commitments and the necessary time needed to be spent on course material. Charlie is, to put it mildly, over extended.

Gina Russo
Played by Tamara Maria Duarte

Gina has not always wanted to be a doctor. She has had many passions in her life that have intrigued her. She is energetic, fun loving and determined. If she is going to survive medical school, Gina is going to have to step up and be less naïve. Will she be able to see med school through, or will she abandon this dream like everything else?

Gary Frazier
Played by Mark Coles Smith

Gary has excelled in almost anything he has done from scholastics to sports. Gary is a world class swimmer, having participated and claiming a medal at the Commonwealth Games. As an Australian Aboriginal who was adopted into a white Australian family, he has the looks, the accent that every gal loves. It’s because of a broken heart that he suffered while living in Australia that forced Gary to a new country to pursue his medical degree.

Farida Farhisal
Played by Rachelle Casseus

Farida is determined. Her studies consume every moment she has. Very seldom does Farida let her hair down, but when she does, she surprises everyone! There is something mysterious about Farida, with suspicious omitted details about her past!

Melanie Truscott
Played by Melissa-Jane Shaw

Melanie is an A-type personality who is always pushing herself to the limit, both physically and mentally. She is a former prosecuting attorney and left that career to become a doctor. There are many instances when Melanie will have to put her legal knowledge behind her in order to become a good, logical doctor.

Dr. Raymond Dallaire
Played by Christian Laurin

Originally from Chicoutimi, Dr. Dallaire previously worked in Africa and South America for many years. Known for his style of teaching medicine, he was headhunted for the position of dean of medical school. He gets the best he can out of his students by teaching them to swim against the tide instead of taking the easy road.

Dr. Julie Cardinal
Played by Kyra Harper

Julie is an Aboriginal elder and spiritual healer. She is a special consultant at the school and instructs students carefully on the knowledge needed to interact with large Aboriginal populations. Dr. Cardinal loves to learn about culture around the world. She believes that if you understand culture, you can find the cure for what ails the people of that culture.

Dr. Fraser Healy
Played by Patrick McKenna

Dr. Healy knows his students need to be tough, and face problems head on if they are going to practice rural medicine, especially in Canada’s North. He can be hard and tasking on the med students, but knows they will be better for it. His quirky sense of humour will keep things unexpected and light as needed.

Dr. Louise Helvi
Played by Danielle Bourgon

Dr. Helvi spent 25 years as a doctor in the small city of Kenora, Ontario. She was forced to cross into other areas like psychiatry, veterinary medicine, and family counselling. Her main focus is to provide the med students with real life training, in hopes of keeping them in rural areas once they have finished school.