About Chuck and the First Peoples’ Kitchen

Eager to learn more about Indigenous Peoples’ culinary traditions, Chef Chuck Hughes visits various Indigenous communities across Turtle Island in Chuck and the First Peoples’ Kitchen. Along the way, he learns different supply techniques, cooks traditional recipes and becomes a privileged witness to the strong ties between food and culture.   

In Season 1, Chuck travels through forests, rivers and snow-covered landscapes in hopes of expanding his cooking horizons. He goes lobster fishing, learns how to hunt ptarmigan and forages for wild blueberries, all while building new connections. 

Season 2 brings Chuck on a range of adventures, from trapping in Wemotaci to harvesting clams in Gesgapegiag, to foraging in Témiscamingue and much more. 

During Season 3, Chuck meets with community members across the country who share their knowledge with him. Among other things, he learns how to field dress a moose, cook bannock under the sand and harvest sea snails. 

APTN linear premiere date for Season 3:  

January 2, 2023 (English)  

January 3, 2023 (French)  

APTN lumi premiere date for Season 3:  

January 3, 2023 (English)  

January 4, 2023 (French) 


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