About DJ Burnt Bannock

DJ Burnt Bannock, follows Kevin Cardinal, a struggling Cree DJ who is determined to chart his own path. He must prove to himself and the world that he has what it takes to achieve stardom, but his journey is about to go terribly wrong. With support from his cousin Allan and tough love from his Kookum, Kevin is ready to take on the world.  

An APTN lumi original and Eagle Vision production, DJ Burnt Bannock received funding from Bell Fund’s Short-Form Digital Series program. Darcy Waite, creator, writer and star of DJ Burnt Bannock, is charismatic in his portrayal of Kevin Cardinal. Through its modified sitcom structure, DJ Burnt Bannock invites audiences to confront tough issues with a smile and sense of humour! 

APTN lumi premiere date:  

April 11, 2022 (English) 


DJ Burnt Bannock Trailer (ENG)

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DJ Burnt Bannock S01 Promo Footage 

DJ Burnt Bannock S01 EP 03 Dancing Clip  

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