About Get Your Fish On

Get Your Fish On is an edge-of-your-seat competitive fishing series that aims to hit the men where it hurts – their pride! Host Mandy Kupenga and a local fishing buddy take on a couple of men in a new fishing contest around New Zealand each episode. And the stakes are high – the losing team is forced to cook up a feast for the victors!

Season 2 is full of bigger fish, bigger challenges and even bigger personalities thrown in for good measure. But some things are too good to change: fans can look forward to even more banter, hijinks and non-stop action!

Plus, host Mandy Kupenga still takes time to share information about local fishing history, conservation efforts, traditional Māori customs and some top fishing tips.

Whether you’re a fishing ace, an amateur angler or just love a bit of fishy fun, the second series of Get Your Fish On will have you hooked all over again.


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