About Yukon Harvest

Yukon Harvest chronicles the adventures of First Nations hunting guides as they navigate the wilds of the Yukon. As the group travels across the territory, they reveal their own special connections to the Yukon and their reasons for connecting with the land. Some are seasoned hunters and guides, possessing a rich knowledge of nature and tradition. Others are from a younger generation and are attempting to connect with their roots by living off the land and harvesting food for the local community.

Respectfully harvesting an animal for sustenance and resources is not just a necessity of survival, but a touchstone of tradition for many. The group is united by their shared journey of personal growth and healing while providing for their community. These are stories about tradition, gratitude, adventure and giving back to others. This is the Yukon Harvest.


APTN linear premiere dates: 

May 8, 2021 (English) 

May 20, 2021 (Tutchone) 


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S01 EP1 Spiritual Place – Part 1

S01 EP2 Spiritual Place – Part 2

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