Open RFP’s

Who Can Submit a Pitch*

APTN can issue a commitment to either an individual producer or a production company. In order for proposals to be eligible for consideration, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • A) If submitted by an individual**, they must be an Indigenous person, which is defined to include First Nations, Inuit or Métis individual who resides in Canada; (OR)
  • B) If submitted by a company, it must be an Indigenous production company, which is defined as an incorporated Canadian production company that is owned no less than 51% by one or more Indigenous Persons.

*Applies to all development and First Window licenses only
**A producer applying as an individual should be aware that they may be required, by APTN or other funders such as CMF, to incorporate once full financing is obtained.

How to Submit

Each RFP will have detailed instructions and a deadline for submissions.

Submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted or considered and incomplete submissions will be automatically declined by APTN.

Along with all proposal submission requirements outlined in the RFP, all submissions must be accompanied by the following forms:

What to Expect

Producers can expect a response within 10 weeks. If your submission is not selected during the 10-week review period, you will be contacted by the Manager of OTT Programming. At that point, your submission will be deemed withdrawn and APTN will not have any rights or claims to it. 


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