December 16, 2021

Premiering January 15, Sportsnet and APTN return to Canadian screens with six national NHL matchups in Plains Cree. Clarence Iron, John Chabot, Earl Wood and Jason Chamakese return as APTN’s NHL broadcast team.

TORONTO, Ont. – Scoring another milestone for Canadian hockey fans, Sportsnet and APTN today announced the return of Cree-language NHL broadcasts with the debut of Hockey Night in Canada in Cree starting January 15, 2022.

Building on the historic debut of Rogers Hometown Hockey in Cree in 2019 and the ensuing landmark three-year deal to produce and air NHL on Sportsnet games in Plains Cree, Sportsnet and APTN are set to return to Canadian screens with Cree-language NHL coverage – now on Saturday nights. (Full broadcast schedule below).

Featuring all seven Canadian NHL teams in action from January 15 to April 23, the six-game national broadcast series will see APTN – the first national Indigenous broadcaster in the world – leverage Sportsnet’s NHL production to deliver exclusive Cree-language commentary and analysis to hockey fans and communities across the country. Play-by-play broadcaster Clarence Iron returns with the call alongside host Earl Wood and analysts John Chabot and Jason Chamakese.

“In Canada, our shared passion for sport creates a strong and resilient bond that unites diverse communities coast-to-coast-to-coast,” said Rob Corte, Vice President, Sportsnet & NHL Productions. “At Sportsnet, we have the responsibility to tell these national stories and explore the intersections between sport and culture. We look forward to reuniting with APTN to shine the national spotlight on these stories and celebrate Canada’s Indigenous communities through the power of sport.”

“Language is one of the strongest threads that connects people to their culture, and we are proud and thrilled to once again offer NHL games in Plains Cree to Canadians across the country,” said Mike Omelus, Executive Director of Content and Strategy, APTN. “The path of reconciliation extends beyond the horizon, but it’s initiatives like this, and partners like Sportsnet, that ensure it’s a path never walked alone.”

The 2022 Hockey Night in Canada: Cree Edition broadcast schedule on APTN is as follows: 

  • Saturday, Jan. 15 – Ottawa @ Winnipeg, 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT
  • Saturday, Jan. 29 – Hockey Day in Canada: Edmonton @ Montreal, 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT
  • Saturday, March 5 – Vancouver @ Toronto, 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT
  • Saturday, March 26 – Edmonton @ Calgary, 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT
  • Saturday, April 9 – Montreal @ Toronto, 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT
  • Saturday, April 23 – Toronto @ Florida, 7 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT

*Schedule may be subject to change

In addition to continuing the network’s commitment to delivering NHL content in Plains Cree, Sportsnet also contributes to the national production of Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi Edition on OMNI Television. Sportsnet’s sister station, OMNI Television, offers a wide range of locally produced and acquired programming in more than 20 languages, including news, current affairs and entertainment content.

This partnership will bring sports back to APTN, an initiative that has seen great success in recent years. APTN became the world’s first Indigenous Official Broadcaster of any Olympic Games event at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The network broadcast 10 hours of daily coverage in eight Indigenous languages as well as French and English throughout the Olympic Games.

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APTN launched in 1999 as the first national Indigenous broadcaster in the world, creating a window into the remarkably diverse mosaic of Indigenous Peoples. A respected non-profit and charitable broadcaster, it’s the first of its kind in North America. The network is Sharing Our Stories of authenticity in English, French and a variety of Indigenous languages to over 10 million Canadian subscribers. With over 80% Canadian content, APTN connects with its audiences through genuine, inspiring and engaging entertainment on multiple platforms.

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Sportsnet êkwa APTN Pakamahwêwak Maskwamiya asici Nîpâtipisk Sôniskwâtahikêwin pîhci Kânata isi Nêhiyawêwin 

Mâcihtawin Kisê-Pîsim 15, Sportsnet êkwa APTN kâwi-pê-takosiniwak isi Canadian cikâstêpayihcikan asici nikotwâsik kihci askihk NHL mawinêhitowina isi Paskwâwinîmowin. Clarence Iron, John Chabot, Earl Wood êkwa Jason Chamakese takosiniwak isi APTN’s NHL âcimowin ô-ta-toskêwak.

TORONTO, Ont. – Kâskihowak kotak ta-itahkamikahk kiki Canadian sôniskwâtahikêwin okanawâpahkêwak, Sportsnet êkwa APTN wîhtamâkêwak anohc kâwi takosinowin ohci Nêhiyawêwin NHL âcimowin ka-nôkohtâcik asici nakiskamohtatamawin ohci Nîpâtipisk Sôniskwâtahikêwin pîhci Kânata isi Nêhiyawêwin mâcihtawin Kisê-Pîsim 15, 2022.

Sôhkihtâwin ôma ka-kistêyihtâkwahk nakiskamohtatamawin ohci Rogers Ôtênâw Sôniskwâtahikêwin isi Nêhiyawêwin ispîhk 2019 êkwa mwêstas ka-itahkamikahk nisto-askiy têpakêyimowin ta-osihcikâtêk mîna ta-nôkohcikikâtêk NHL isi Sportsnet mêtawêwina isi Paskwâwinîmowin, Sportsnet êkwa APTN ta-takosiniwak isi Canadian cikâstêpayihcikana asici Nêhiyawêwin NHL âcimowin – ispîhk êkwa Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw nîpâtipiskakihk. (Mitoni kahkiyaw âcimowin wasinahikan capasîs).

Nokohtawak kahkiyaw têpakohp Canadian NHL mâmawihitowak mêtawêwina ohci Kisê-Pîsim 15 isko Ayîki-Pîsim 23, ôma nikotwâsik-mêtawêwina kihci askihk nâh-nâway âcimowin ta-wâpahcikâtêw APTN – nistam kihci askihk Nêhiyaw omêtawêstamâkêw pîhci ôma askiy– sîtoskâm Sportsnet’s NHL osîhcikêwina ta-pimohtatahk nayêstaw Nêhiyawêwin âcimowin êkwa oyakihcikêwin isi sôniskwâtahikêwin okanawâpahkêwak êkwa mâmawâyâwinihk akami askiy. Wîhtamâkêwin omêtawêstamâkêw Clarence Iron takosin asici nîsôhkamâkêwin wîci omêtawêstamâkêw asici Earl Wood êkwa onahîkâsowak John Chabot êkwa Jason Chamakese.

“Pîhci Kânata, ka-mâmawô miyawâtamowina kiki mêtawêwin ohpinam ê-sôhkahk mîna sôhkahtwâwin âniskômohcikan êwako mâmawahitân kinanâtohkwâhkômâw mâmawâyâwinihk wâsakâm askiy,” itwêw Rob Corte, Okimâhkân, Sportsnet êkwa NHL Osîhcikêwina. “Ôta Sportsnet, niayânan êwako nâkatêyihtamowin ta-wîhtamahk ôhi kihci askihk âcimowina êkwa ta-kakway kiskêyihtamahk sâpwêyihtamowin tastaw mêtawêwin êkwa isihcikêwin. Niakâwâtêynân kawî ta-mâmawinitoyahk asici APTN ta-wâsitênamahk ôma kihci askihk wâsaskotêwin isiôhi âcimowina mîna ta-mîyawâtamahk Kânata Nêhiyaw mâmawâyâwinihk sâpô sôhkâtisiwin ohci mêtawêwin.”

“Pîkiskwêwin êwako mawaci sôôhkîhtâtoskâtahk mâmawinikêwin isi ayisyiniw isi ôsihcikêwin, mîna nimamihtisinân êkwa nimôcikêyihtênân kâwi ta-pimohtatayahk NHL mêtawêwina isi Paskwâwinîmowin kiki Canadians akami askiy,” itwêw Mike Omelus, Okimâw ohci Mâwacihcikêwin êkwa PimipayihtâwIN, APTN. “Ôma pimohcêskanas isi wâkôwîcihiwîwin âniskôstêw pâsci kîsik, mâka êwako ôhi nîkânastamâkêwina tâpiskôc ôma, êkwa wîcihiwêwak tâpiskôc Sportsnet, êkwânima kêhcinâhowin êka wîhkâc ôma pimohcêskanas ta-pêyako pimohtêhk.”

Ôma 2022 Nîpâtipisk Sôniskwâtahikêwin pîhci Kânata: Nêhiyawêwin Ka-osihcikêmakahk âcimowin wasinahikan ita APTN êwako ôma: 

  • Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw, Kisê-Pî 15 – Ottawa @ Wînipêk, têpakohp tipahikan otâkosiki ET / nêwo tipahikan PT
  • Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw, Kisê-Pîsim. 29 – Sôniskwâtahikêwin Day pîhci Kânata: Amiskwaciy-Wâskahikan @ Montreal, têpakohp tipahikan otâkosiki ET / nêwo tipahikan PT
  • Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw, March 5 – Vancouver @ Toronto, têpakohp tipahikan otâkosiki ET / nêwo tipahikan p.m. PT
  • Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw, March 26 – Amiskwaciy-Wâskahikan @ Otôskwanihk, mitâtaht tipahikan. ET / têpakohp tipahikan otâkosiki PT
  • Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw, Ayîki-Pîsim 9 – Montreal @ Toronto, têpakohp tipahikan otâ ET / nêwo tipahikan. PT
  • Nikotwâsiko-kîsikâw, Ayîki-Pîsim 23 – Toronto @ Florida, têpakohp tipahikan otâ ET / nêwo tipahikan PT

*Âcimowin wasinahikan êwako ta-kî-mêskotascikâtêw

Âhkamêyihtam asici mîna ôma network ô-nâkatêyihtamowin ta-pimohtatât NHL mâwacihcikêwin isi Paskwâwinîmowin, Sportsnet mîna wîcihiwêw isi kihci askihk osîhcikêwin ohci Nîpâtipisk Sôniskwâtahikêwin pîhci Kânata: Punjabi Ka-osihcikêmakahk ita OMNI Kosâpahcikan. Sportsnet ôtotêm pêyakwayahk, OMNI Kosâpahcikan, pakitinam ayakaskawî nawasônikêwin ohci tipiyawê osihcikâtêw mîna nîkani pimipayihtâwin pîhci ayiwak nîsitanaw pîkiskwêwina, asici âcimowin, mêkwâc nâkatohkêwin êkwa mêtawêstamâkêwin mâwacihcikêwin.

Ôma nîsôhkamâkêwin ta-pêtâw mêtawêwina kâwi isi APTN, êwako wâskâwêwin kî-wâpahcikâtêk mitoni kihci kaskihowin pâsci akiya. APTN kî-ispayin askininahk nistam Nêhiyaw Kihci Omêtawêstamâkêw ohci piko tanima Olympic Mêtawêwina ka-itahkamikahk ita Vancouver 2010 Olympic Pipon Mêtawêwina. Ôma network âcimowin mitâtaht tipahikan ohci kîsikâw nâkatohkâcikâtêwin isi ayinânêw Nêhiyawiwêwina êkwa mîna Mistikôsîmowin êkwa Âkayâsîmowin sâpô Olympic Mêtawêwina.

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