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“I dreamt that I was in a terrible car accident. A few days later, it happened, compelling me to develop my own gift – one that both frightens and fills me with hope.”

Jeff is a busy father of four little boys, but he’s also a well-known mentalist and intuitive. His extremely sensitive readings of people amaze audiences and drive listeners to his paranormal radio show. But even more amazing is his ability to juggle the demands of parenting with the constant and pervasive contact with the unseen. While it’s sometimes mentally and spiritually draining, he chooses to keep sharing his gift and forging ahead – with one foot planted firmly in this world and one in The Other Side.

“When I was young, my aunt disappeared – and I’ve been searching for missing people ever since. Spirits are all around, waiting to guide us to the other side.”

Legend has it that Tom’s skill as a tracker in the North doesn’t just come from experience – his keen intuition seems to come from somewhere else entirely. Every search is an attempt to heal the gaping wound of loss and bring answers to those who desperately need them. Tom keeps the show on its true path with his quiet determination to bind up loose ends and bring peace to the living and the dead.

“I lost my sister and my brother. My sister’s spirit came to visit me – but my brother’s death remains a mystery. I see myself on a journey that transcends all cultures.”

Michaella’s encounters with death have driven her to pursue as many life-affirming activities as she can squeeze into one young life – working on suicide prevention, addictions awareness and self esteem with young people. But behind all the activity, a question mark still burns. While her career path moves her toward criminal law, there’s a path running parallel to it, searching for answers. She’s composed on the surface – but get to know her on The Other Side, and you’ll see there are depths of character to explore.