December 14, 2022

APTN is sharing this press release on behalf of the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN)

ULURU, Au. — The World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network has held a successful meeting in Uluru, Australia, and confirmed its strategic priorities for 2023.

“WITBN will share and co-create content across news, current affairs, entertainment, and reality formats that will showcase Indigenous storytelling across global platforms and to new audiences,” said WITBN Chair Shane Taurima.

Media leaders from Whakaata Māori (Aotearoa New Zealand), APTN (Canada), NRK Sápmi (Norway), TITV (Taiwan) and NITV (Australia) met in person this week to develop initiatives that will extend the reach of Indigenous stories to new audiences and platforms.

“WITBN unifies Indigenous broadcasters worldwide to retain and grow our Indigenous languages and cultures and promote Indigenous storytelling,” said Mr. Taurima.

WITBN was in Uluru to mark the 10th anniversary of NITV delivering free-to-air television in Australia.

“We congratulate NITV on reaching this significant and momentous milestone. They have changed the media landscape in Australia by telling stories by, for and about Indigenous and First Nations Peoples,” said Shane Taurima.

Senior news and content executives from the WITBN networks will continue to work together over the next few months with the aim of bringing new Indigenous content to audiences in 2023.

“This is the beginning of a concerted effort to amplify Indigenous voices and perspectives across the globe,” said Mr. Taurima.

WITBN also extends an invitation to other Indigenous broadcasters to join the network.

“WITBN is open to Indigenous media broadcasters that promote Indigenous storytelling through Indigenous languages, cultures and stories. There is so much to be gained by being part of our alliance. We share content and knowledge, and we present a united and strong Indigenous media voice,” said Shane Taurima.

Mr. Taurima has been confirmed as the permanent Chair of WITBN. His term will end in April 2024.

Photo courtesy of WITBN. From left to right: Magaitan Lhkatafatu (TITV), Tanya Denning-Orman (NITV), Shane Taurima (Whakaata Māori), Monika Ille (APTN) and Johan Ailo Kalstad (NRK Sápmi).

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About WITBN:
Launched in 2008, the World Indigenous Television Broadcasters Network (WITBN) is an alliance of Indigenous broadcasters from five different countries around the world which includes Whakaata Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand, APTN in Canada, NRK Sápmi in Norway, Taiwan Indigenous Television (TITV) and National Indigenous Television (NITV) in Australia.

The aim of WITBN is to unify television broadcasters worldwide to retain and grow Indigenous languages and culture.

Media Contacts:
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Corporate Communications Manager, Whakaata Māori
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Manager of Communications, APTN
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